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dinosaur planters

super fun dinosaur planters made from old plastic toy animals. from plaid pigeon.

andy necklace

andy warhol necklace by victor-john villanueva. i spotted it on fab.com and it’s made of those fusible beads i remember from childhood and i think it’s crazy!

baby lamps

once again the internets never ceases to amaze me. i know you’re not asking “wtf, a baby lamp?”, instead you’re saying “which color to get?” let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a light up neon green, pink, orange or blue baby? LINK: good gracious if you’re having trouble choosing a color, you can always start […]

donkey products tea

how funny are these teas from german-based donkey products? they have tons of different characters. above left are elvis, michael jackson, janis joplin, john lennon, and jimi hendrix. above right are naomi campbell, jean paul gaultier, donatella versace, yves saint laurent, and vivienne westwood. spotted on fab.com this week.

giant gummy bear on a stick

is a giant 1/2 lb. gummy bear on a stick really necessary? apparently it is because someone is selling them. $12 LINK: fred flare

morrissey candle

let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a morrissey candle?? morrissey candle by black sheep & prodigal sons. $185 BUY:  occulter

crazy on the internets

while scouring the internet for something (i can’t even remember what), i became completely distracted by this german website. some items causing the most distraction are: a duvet cover with a bra design on it.  made to look like you left it on there…. the old lady in the bed does not make me want […]