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i’m cold. very cold. and if you know me, you know i’m rarely cold. apparently portland is having record cold temps right now. along with snow. SNOW in portland. for reals. i went to walk the dogs a couple of hours ago and it was a blizzard outside. and of course i have nothing in […]


i went out at around 8pm to walk the dogs and immediately felt like i was walking in a cloud. or my glasses were super dirty. i could barely see. it got a little better up at the intersection. and then really bad. bad enough to not be able to see across the street. obviously […]

rainbows and sunsets

driving around running errands today i noticed a huge rainbow in the sky. i immediately pulled over to try to get a picture of it. unfortunately nothing could capture what it looked like in person. i then turned around and noticed an amazing sunset…

3 sunny days…

we’ve had 3 sunny days in a row. if you’ve ever been to portland, you can probably hear the excitement in my voice. even though i know it won’t last i’m enjoying it while it’s here.

pink trees and blue skies…

wet dogs and rain boots

that is what my life has become…. it’s days like today that i really miss los angeles. big time. and the california dilemma continues…

director park

the rainy season has officially begun. shoot me now, please. it’s sunny one minute and then dark and gray the next and rains for hours. there was one of those sunny moments today so i headed downtown and ended up in director park. i lucked out with parking and scored right away. i walked around […]

vacation (b)ender, day 4

my mom’s last full day on the west coast. we woke up at the lodge to a cold, foggy, rainy day. there is actually a mountain buried behind that fog. no surprise. we buffeted at the restaurant which was surprisingly good. they had all fresh food and we took full advantage of it. a little […]

vacation bender, day 3

saturday began with massive amounts of rain. and cold. and more rain. our plan was to head to mt hood and stay at the timberline lodge. so we set out in the rain. we stopped at bridgeport village to do some shopping first. there was no reason to hurry to mt hood since the weather […]

and the rain begins

rain. yesterday i woke up to the smell of rain. there is something about the smell of the first rain… everything began to smell so clean. it was only mildly drizzling but enough to leave me soaked after walking the dogs. i guess it’s time to invest in some rain gear…. because today, the rain […]