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‘my ma’ by girls

jack white

‘love interruption’ by jack white


‘we are young’ by fun. featuring  janelle monáe


‘holing out’ by yuck [warning: there's nakedness in the video. so if that's not your thing you might want to skip it.]


‘this is not a song’ by islands

the big pink

‘dominos’ by the big pink

johnny quest

’10 million summers’ by johnny quest directed by norwood cheek this band, this song, this video… it represents my teenage years. started going to see them when i was about 13 and continued until they split up. i started working for them and their manager when i was 16 as an intern. memory lane… oh […]

archers of loaf

it’s all about the archers today because i’m super excited about the tickets i just got to one of their reunion shows. hell yeah. going right back to the 90′s. web in front harnessed in slums directed by the amazing grady cooper and starring the fantastic norwood cheek.


‘fake plastic trees’ by radiohead

elton john

i’ve had this song stuck in my head for days… ‘mona lisas and mad hatters’ from elton john