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girls: adam’s relapse

[note: i wrote this post on sunday/monday, the night it aired.] it’s the middle of the night and i’m still reeling from the most recent episode of girls. did you see it? it’s episode 19: ‘on all fours’. lena dunham has this innate ability to make me all kinds of uncomfortable in a single, 30-minute […]

i broke down…

i did it. i broke down. i broke down and bought a new tv. i’ve been on a tv detox for about 9 weeks. it’s been good for me but damn i’ve missed it. my sweet, sweet tv. i got an inexpensive flat screen for my room and tomorrow, mr. cable man is set to […]

tv detox

i admit it. i love tv. i really do. i like watching it before bed.  while i’m making jewelry. or just when something good is on. i like the option. i decided to leave my tv behind when i moved. p. and i bought it before we moved to LA and that was in 2003. […]