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hood river & multnomah falls

we arrived in hood river in time for a late lunch. hood river is a small town on the river known for wind surfing. the weather was too bad to see anyone doing it. cute town though. we then moved onto multnomah falls. it was amazing.  there are no other words to describe it. well, […]

vacation (b)ender, day 4

my mom’s last full day on the west coast. we woke up at the lodge to a cold, foggy, rainy day. there is actually a mountain buried behind that fog. no surprise. we buffeted at the restaurant which was surprisingly good. they had all fresh food and we took full advantage of it. a little […]

vacation bender, day 3

saturday began with massive amounts of rain. and cold. and more rain. our plan was to head to mt hood and stay at the timberline lodge. so we set out in the rain. we stopped at bridgeport village to do some shopping first. there was no reason to hurry to mt hood since the weather […]

Washington adventure…

or lack there of? lee has been looking for a car top box for her car rack and discovered one on craigslist today thinking it was the score of the century. after many hours of waiting to make a plan with this guy, we headed out to vancouver. and yes, that is vancouver in washington […]

cross country

finally did the math on the trip across the country. 3,148 miles traveled. 13 states traveled through. north carolina virginia west virginia kentucky indiana illinois missouri kansas colorado utah wyoming idaho oregon in 9 days. 9 longgg days.

day 9: oregon —> portland

didn’t sleep well…again…but i was ready to get out of the hotel.  packed up, loaded the car and left.  the drive felt like it took forever.  luckily it was great scenery to look at because i don’t think i could have taken another idaho.  i swear the last 2 hours felt like 5 days though. […]

day 8: utah, idaho & oregon

are we there yet?! exhaustion is setting in….well that, and dirty clothes.  i feel like i’m fighting a cold.  could it be going from 108 degree weather to being in the 40′s tonight?  or too much A/C in hotel rooms?  or just hotel rooms and random interstate stops?  who knows…  must…fight…it… left cloudy salt lake […]

day 7: wyoming & utah

rock springs, wyoming. had continental breakfast at the hotel – cheesy farmer’s casserole and croissants were on the menu.  checked out of the hotel and passed the gas station… hit the post office to mail an etsy order. forgot to put my shop on vacation mode but luckily i had the stuff with me. great […]

day 6: monday…i’m getting behind

woke up in denver. beautiful skies. checked out of the hotel (another hampton inn) and headed to the denver botanic gardens. it was quite impressive being in the middle of the city and all. they have a special exhibit going on with 20 of henry moore’s sculptures on loan. very neat to see but not […]

day 5: more kansas and finally colorado

not nearly as hot this morning in hays, kansas.  yesterday was brutal. it was like sticking your head in an oven but worse. drove for quite awhile and then hit mountain time. 2nd time zone change of the trip. stopped in a small kansas town called goodland. they are known for having an enormous easel […]