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dog cuteness

love it: marimekko

i’m loving crate & barrel’s new marimekko shop. they are a finnish company best know for bold graphic prints on fabrics and housewares. crate & barrel is carrying a huge selection and i’m loving it.  so much so that i’ve been pinning stuff like crazy. LINK:  siirtolapuutarha black and white bowl LINK:  unikko red apron […]


elliot. my sweet dog. but let me be honest. i call him bew or bewbew, not elliot. i’m sure i’ve confused the hell out of him over the last 14 years by all the names i’ve called him but he definitely knows bew (boo). the hardest thing about being on the west coast is being […]

love it: orla kiely spring 2011

orla kiely via black eiffel loving orla kiely’s spring/summer 2011 line, especially the dresses.

wish list: tractor stool

love this tractor stool by craig bassam for BassamFellows. *  DWR

my new favorite place

uwajimaya. it’s my new fave store. it’s all things japanese and it makes me happy.  i can’t believe i haven’t been in there before.  i could spend HOURS in there and probably will next time i go.  it totally felt like i was back in japan and i wanted to stay. but…the place wasn’t perfect. […]

dorothy parker

i’ve been reading some dorothy parker again. i love her. always have. she has the best quotes ever. “Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone.” one of my faves: “I don’t know much about being a millionaire, but I’ll bet I’d be darling at it.”  and this one too: “I […]