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gifts galore

another fun gift that i got this week: i love field notes. and i super love pads of paper and notebooks and calendars and pencils! cannot wait to use them. thanks j.d.!

i couldn’t wait

i admit it. i couldn’t wait. having an unwrapped present in front of me is plain torture. TORTURE. do you hear me? so i busted into what carina sent me. LOVE!! it’s a very cool silver floating frame with a super cool stitched print of a bertoia diamond chair and it’s a chair that i […]


i’ve had this song stuck in my head all day… it’s LP’s ‘into the wild”.


i finally got around to hanging up my stendig calendar today. it’s ginormous [4 feet by 3 feet] and i love it. can’t wait to finish the rest of my office/work area.


i’ve been on a month-long photo organization tear that has sent me down so many paths of nostalgia that i can’t even count. so many memories. so many people gone… so much bad hair. it’s crazy how life changes. documents of people i once knew, places i’ve visited and places i’ve lived. [have i mentioned […]

shop independent

as some of you may know, yesterday was shop local saturday. i think it’s super important to not only shop local but shop small, independent businesses every day and not just yesterday. small businesses are struggling these days and the walmarts of the world are taking over and running them out. and let’s be real, who […]

my new obsession

i am completely obsessed with white flower oil. it’s used for important stuff that i can’t remember but i just think it smells good. lavendar, eucaplytus and peppermint all swirled into one. delicious.

wood grain

i love a wood grain pattern. so much so that i make jewelry that has it. a.  madera throw pillow  $54.95  wrapables b.  donna wilson wooly wood blanket  $390.00  safari living c.  ibackwoods walnut iphone 4 backing  $20.00  ibackwoods d.  organic wood grain towels  $6 – 19  west elm

abaca accessories

i fell in love with the woven abaca pendant light from west elm a while back. i ended up finding a lot of other abaca accessories i liked as well. i like when natural elements are incorporated into rooms. and these items have amazing textures. ps.  abaca is a plant originally from the philippines that […]

love it: pantone iphone cases

having a longtime obsession with design, i’ve always loved all things pantone. and now case scenario is coming out with pantone iphone and ipad cases. check it: via case scenario