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travel skies

if you know me or follow my blog or instagram, you know i love clouds and skies. here are some i took on my recent travels… on the flight to helsinki, finland: on the way to stockholm, sweden:

post stormy skies

here comes the sun

the sun came out this morning. and luckily stayed out the entire day! insert happy face here. lee (sister) and i went to get lunch after she was on call at the hospital all night. i took her to the people’s sandwich of portland. she’s a people’s sandwich virgin and luckily she loved it. ps. […]

beautiful day…

i think i must be dreaming…

sun, is that you? it’s been so long since i’ve seen you that i think i must be dreaming. whatever the case, i was glad to see you.  too bad you didn’t stick around through today. nope, you just couldn’t do it, could you?  nothing but clouds today.  but i’m so not complaining because it […]

rainbows and sunsets

driving around running errands today i noticed a huge rainbow in the sky. i immediately pulled over to try to get a picture of it. unfortunately nothing could capture what it looked like in person. i then turned around and noticed an amazing sunset…

3 sunny days…

we’ve had 3 sunny days in a row. if you’ve ever been to portland, you can probably hear the excitement in my voice. even though i know it won’t last i’m enjoying it while it’s here.

director park

the rainy season has officially begun. shoot me now, please. it’s sunny one minute and then dark and gray the next and rains for hours. there was one of those sunny moments today so i headed downtown and ended up in director park. i lucked out with parking and scored right away. i walked around […]

vacation bender, day 2

after the pitts mansion, vacation hunger set in. again. martha and i went to old town and went to the people’s sandwich of portland. yum. i still love that place. luckily so did martha. after stuffing our faces, we walked to the river (willamette). the weather was actually nice so we walked around. so were […]

Washington adventure…

or lack there of? lee has been looking for a car top box for her car rack and discovered one on craigslist today thinking it was the score of the century. after many hours of waiting to make a plan with this guy, we headed out to vancouver. and yes, that is vancouver in washington […]