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25 years…

25 years. today marked the 25th anniversary of the space shuttle challenger disaster. i very much remember watching the launch at school and being horrified when it exploded soon after liftoff. here’s an article about the anniversary. here’s a nasa video about the anniversary:  

happy birthday, elliot

happy birthday elliot. i cannot believe my sweet dog is 14 today. but mostly, i hate that i’m not with him to celebrate.  he lives with my parent’s on the east coast and right now i hate that arrangement. it is what it is and i have to wish him happy birthday from afar…. so […]


home. home? what classifies as home? is it where your stuff is? your family? your dog? your friends? or the old cliche, where the heart is? so far i love it here. the weather has been fantastic except for a few days of miserable heat. the trees are beautiful. the people are sweet and lovely. […]