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hood river & multnomah falls

we arrived in hood river in time for a late lunch. hood river is a small town on the river known for wind surfing. the weather was too bad to see anyone doing it. cute town though. we then moved onto multnomah falls. it was amazing.  there are no other words to describe it. well, […]

vacation (b)ender, day 4

my mom’s last full day on the west coast. we woke up at the lodge to a cold, foggy, rainy day. there is actually a mountain buried behind that fog. no surprise. we buffeted at the restaurant which was surprisingly good. they had all fresh food and we took full advantage of it. a little […]

vacation bender, day 2

after the pitts mansion, vacation hunger set in. again. martha and i went to old town and went to the people’s sandwich of portland. yum. i still love that place. luckily so did martha. after stuffing our faces, we walked to the river (willamette). the weather was actually nice so we walked around. so were […]

pittock mansion

lee had to work at the clinic so martha and i headed to the pittock mansion. it’s a mansion built in the early 1900′s that sits up on a hill with great views of portland. basically it’s a big old allergy attack waiting to happen.  all the furnishings were 100 years old and it smelled […]

vacation bender, day 1

my mom (martha) came into town last wednesday night to hang out with lee and i. i do not think we stopped moving or eating the entire time. thursday morning we headed to milwaukie (oregon) to pick up my prize gift basket from the dave’s killer bread store. between the 3 of us, we sampled […]


last weekend lee and i took the pups to dogtoberfest. it’s an event held every year to raise money for an emergency vet here in portland. it’s held at the lucky lab brew pub in the SE. they were doing a big dog wash and had food (hot dogs), beer and music. and a million […]

winner winner!

first let me say that i’ve been a blog neglector.  where does the time go? i’ll try to catch up… i won 2 contests this week. and the prizes are all dave’s killer bread swag. not bad. i won one contest by answering a bread question correctly. i was one of the first 15. i […]

the pups

on sunday, lee and i decided to take the pups to the dog park. you know, the place where dogs go run around like crazy and sniff each other. just getting there is an ordeal. the pups aren’t spring chickens anymore so lee has a ramp to get them in the car. it would be […]

SE pdx continued

the whole point of our SE pdx adventure was because lee wanted to go to the japanese crepe place called mojo crepes. the place was in an asian area of town. it’s a japanese crepe place but no one was japanese in there. the dude working was chinese. should have been our first hint. there […]

september 11th…

today is september 11th. 9 years later. sometimes it seems like yesterday. still, it’s hard to believe. ventured out to the SE section of portland today with lee. she arrived back in town on friday, much to our delight. i dropped lee off at one place and i went to find parking. i ended up […]