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rainbows and sunsets

driving around running errands today i noticed a huge rainbow in the sky. i immediately pulled over to try to get a picture of it. unfortunately nothing could capture what it looked like in person. i then turned around and noticed an amazing sunset…

3 sunny days…

we’ve had 3 sunny days in a row. if you’ve ever been to portland, you can probably hear the excitement in my voice. even though i know it won’t last i’m enjoying it while it’s here.

pink trees and blue skies…

wet dogs and rain boots

that is what my life has become…. it’s days like today that i really miss los angeles. big time. and the california dilemma continues…


tomorrow is november 2nd and that means one thing – VOTE. i did. i voted early through the mail because that is how oregon does it. of course i got a follow up letter saying that my signature didn’t match from when i signed up so I had to send in a new one. but […]

director park

the rainy season has officially begun. shoot me now, please. it’s sunny one minute and then dark and gray the next and rains for hours. there was one of those sunny moments today so i headed downtown and ended up in director park. i lucked out with parking and scored right away. i walked around […]

good things must come to an end….

sadly, lee (my sissy) is leaving tomorrow for her next rotation in medford, or. she’s spent the last couple of days packing and preparing to be gone again. it’s been nice having her here the last 5 weeks. but it must end…. so we decided to go out to dindin. this was only after having […]

voodoo doughnuts

after my lack of sleep at the sleep clinic, i headed downtown to walk around and waste time. i then remembered that we’ve (sissy and i) been talking about getting my dad a t-shirt from voodoo doughnuts. my dad doesn’t collect anything, he doesn’t like sports and he doesn’t drink, therefore, gifts are a prob. what […]

somebody’s watching me….

in an ever growing attempt to get my money’s worth from my health insurance company, i’ve been referred to a slew of specialists. partly because i moved and had to find new doctors here and get established as a patient. and partly because, well, why not. my latest referral was to a sleep specialist. i’ve […]


foot. feet. pain. i’ve had chronic foot pain since the 9th grade. every step i’ve taken since then has hurt to some degree. granted, it has varied over the years but it still sucks. i’ve seen so many foot doctors over the years hoping for a cure but it has yet to happen. i saw […]