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hot pink lips

i love the look of hot pink lips and so wish i could rock it. [images via DVF]

neon pink heart card

neon pink heart card from banquet atelier & workshop. $5 LINK: etsy

ampersand design studio

limited edition screen-printed neon ampersand prints by ampersand design studio. $22 LINK: etsy

heart lips

life is short and love shouldn’t be celebrated on just one day via the hallmark way. show love 24/7/365. i’ll be showing the love all week long…

hot pink paint pillow

hot pink paint pillow from rockett st george. LINK:  rockett st george

hopper house little shyla

kate spade hopper house little shyla in hot orange or black. $298

the zest around dress

the zest around dress from modcloth. $79.99 LINK: modcloth

donatienne barbie bag

this bag is pricey but i could totally fill it up with lots of stuff and tote it around. $475 LINK: donatienne

fuchsia cabinet crush

i have a mad crush on this fuchsia cabinet and the styling. nothing makes me happier than we books are organized so neatly by color AND size. and they look nothing short of amazing on the bright shelf. love. [via blackbird]

DVF Mariah Dress

dvf pink mariah embellished dress. $675  [yes, i know it's pricey] LINK: dvf