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let’s make out

let’s make out, internet peoples! or we can just buy these pillows from alexandra ferguson.

triangle pillows by alexander girard

alexander girard pillows in his one way cream fabric.

VW throw pillows

vw throw pillows from zodax – camper or beetle

satsuki shibuya pillow

satsuki shibuya snowy dust cushion cover. $75 LINK: satsuki shibuya

hot pink paint pillow

hot pink paint pillow from rockett st george. LINK:  rockett st george

crazy on the internets

while scouring the internet for something (i can’t even remember what), i became completely distracted by this german website. some items causing the most distraction are: a duvet cover with a bra design on it.  made to look like you left it on there…. the old lady in the bed does not make me want […]