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vacation bender, day 3

saturday began with massive amounts of rain. and cold. and more rain. our plan was to head to mt hood and stay at the timberline lodge. so we set out in the rain. we stopped at bridgeport village to do some shopping first. there was no reason to hurry to mt hood since the weather […]

vacation bender, day 2

after the pitts mansion, vacation hunger set in. again. martha and i went to old town and went to the people’s sandwich of portland. yum. i still love that place. luckily so did martha. after stuffing our faces, we walked to the river (willamette). the weather was actually nice so we walked around. so were […]

pittock mansion

lee had to work at the clinic so martha and i headed to the pittock mansion. it’s a mansion built in the early 1900′s that sits up on a hill with great views of portland. basically it’s a big old allergy attack waiting to happen.  all the furnishings were 100 years old and it smelled […]

winner winner!

first let me say that i’ve been a blog neglector.  where does the time go? i’ll try to catch up… i won 2 contests this week. and the prizes are all dave’s killer bread swag. not bad. i won one contest by answering a bread question correctly. i was one of the first 15. i […]

september 11th…

today is september 11th. 9 years later. sometimes it seems like yesterday. still, it’s hard to believe. ventured out to the SE section of portland today with lee. she arrived back in town on friday, much to our delight. i dropped lee off at one place and i went to find parking. i ended up […]

bad day, beautiful sunset…


heat. sweltering heat. the last few days have been unbearable. yesterday – 98 degrees, today – 100 degrees. all would be peachy if we had AIR CONDITIONING. but no….no we don’t. so our little apartment turns into an oven.  an oven that doesn’t cool down until 2am. tomorrow the heat advisory is ending in the […]

city view

i had planned a productive day today. it didn’t happen. partially from having work to do. and partially from having no real excuse. i did have to take lee’s white doctor coat to her at the hospital in between rounds. she left it at home. i know, that’s a shock. lee left something at home. […]

Washington adventure…

or lack there of? lee has been looking for a car top box for her car rack and discovered one on craigslist today thinking it was the score of the century. after many hours of waiting to make a plan with this guy, we headed out to vancouver. and yes, that is vancouver in washington […]


i walked along the waterfront today and ended up by the salmon street springs.  i couldn’t help but stop and watch the kids play. as i turned back while walking away, i saw a rainbow…