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hey ladies

01.25.15 fun times last night. it’s been foreverrrrrr. thanks kara, carrie, alisa, adair, megan, and rachel.

self-loathing and selfies

i wrote this post at the end of 2012 and finally decided to post it after reading this post on the good men project’s website. someone asked me recently why i don’t have a job in photography since it was, after all, what my degree is in. i first went to school for english and […]

alt summit 2013 recap, glitter and all

so i just returned from altitude design summit, or as it’s lovingly known as, alt summit in salt lake city. well, it’s been a couple of days actually. had to get over my hellacious travel day (travel bonus: sat by edward burns whom I love. when i worked at the rialto a million years ago, […]

instagram photo a day

over the last few months i’ve followed along watching people doing the instagram photo a day challenge and kicking myself for not starting. i joined the bandwagon for the month of march and i’ll start posting my photos here. i might even post the ones from the last week. fat mum slim (australian blogger) creates […]

sad reminder

i just found some polaroids that my dad had taken in 1997 when he went to pick up my dog as a puppy. sad reminder that he’s gone… top left: him bottom left: he’s on the left with his brothers and sisters top & bottom right: his dad [his mom died when he was 3 […]

sunset – december 15th

sunset – december 14

do you think?

i’m obsessed with my dog?  this is a screenshot of my phone’s photo album. i can’t help it.  every little thing he does is magic. yes, i have that song stuck in my head and now it’s going to be stuck in yours.  and yes, i swapped the she for a he. you’re welcome.

post stormy skies

the view

the weather has been fantastic lately with rain levels being at a record low for january. i’m NOT complaining about that. i had a derm appointment in a building down by the water that was on the top floor.  the view was unbelievable even though it was cloudy. and i’ll end this post here…it’s already […]