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peter alexander

LA XXXX by peter alexander 1989, monoprint

pae white

work from pae white.

catherine ulitsky

‘six views of nassau maple‘ by catherine ulitsky.

charline von heyl

‘yellow rose’ by charline von heyl.

alan taylor jeffries

‘local custom‘ by alan taylor jeffries. LINK: redbubble

louis papadopoulos

‘the wave’ by louis papadopoulos. LINK:  saatchi online

leemour pelli

‘eastward one west the other’ by leemour pelli. LINK:  saatchi online


i’ve always had a love affair with all things black & white and it continues to this day. i decided i wanted to expand my collection of b&w art so i’ve been on the lookout and here are my recent faves. LINK:  harold hollingsworth. i recently wrote about him for a design milk post and i […]


i’ve gotten a few emails about my lack of posts recently. sorry! i’ve been busy painting. yes, painting. and i’m painting on wood instead of canvas. i finally got back into it after a very long hiatus and i’m loving it. i’ve missed having paint under my fingernails and all up my arms. hoping to […]