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happy new year, peoples!

some might say that i’ve ignored the blog… well, i’d be one of them. here it is now 2013 and i skipped a few months. but let’s pause, did you see the sunset on new year’s eve? it was spectacular… have no fear, i’m still here (and i rhyme!). i’ve just been super busy out […]

wait, 2012?

is that you? yes. yes it is you.

new year’s eve

‘new year’s eve’ from tom waits.

a new year…

1.1.11 finally, a new year and i could not be more ready for it. it seems like every year starts out with the best of intentions and does not always pan out to my expectations. it’s time for a compromise…less expectations. 2010 wasn’t a bad year. it definitely had it’s ups along with its downs. […]