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beautiful day…

i think i must be dreaming…

sun, is that you? it’s been so long since i’ve seen you that i think i must be dreaming. whatever the case, i was glad to see you.  too bad you didn’t stick around through today. nope, you just couldn’t do it, could you?  nothing but clouds today.  but i’m so not complaining because it […]


it’s 01.11.11. yeah, i’m not that excited about it. maybe when it’s 11.11.11 i’ll have more enthusiasm. ********* finally settling back into portland and damn it’s cold. it’s been raining ice shards all evening. and i do mean shards. it feels like glass on the skin. i guess it’s better than rain? after returning to […]


i went out at around 8pm to walk the dogs and immediately felt like i was walking in a cloud. or my glasses were super dirty. i could barely see. it got a little better up at the intersection. and then really bad. bad enough to not be able to see across the street. obviously […]


sunday… sunday funday… lee and i headed over to our neighborhood farmer’s market.  super convenient and full of deliciousness. maybe too much deliciousness? i should have known when lee said she never buys vegetables there. we decided to split a tamale and a bagel. we indulged in a salvador molly’s tamale and a tastebud bagel […]