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just one of the guys

jenny lewis \\\ ‘just one of the guys’ been digging this song and now the video makes me laugh…

in the kingdom

the latest from mazzy star \\\ ‘in the kingdom’

song for zula

there’s nothing like a song that can bring you to your knees… when the lyrics and melody weave in and out of your body and oftentimes, your heart, producing a musical goldmine that you just can’t seem to forget. it can be a song that evokes happiness, melancholy, anger, you name it, but if it […]

the lemonheads

ah…the lemonheads – my drug buddy. this song reminds me of my senior year in high school and first year in college. for various, never to be published reasons.

fourth of july

my favorite song for this holiday. ‘fourth of july’ from x.

the beatles

this song was on ‘mad men’ recently and i realized it had been ages since i’ve heard it. so here goes… ‘tomorrow never knows’ by the beatles

bonnie “prince” billy

click on the link to listen to the mp3: ‘(keep eye on) other’s gain’ by bonnie “prince” billy

lower dens

‘propagation’ by lower dens

alberta cross

‘low man’ by alberta cross


‘the house that heaven built’ by japandroids