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charline von heyl

‘yellow rose’ by charline von heyl.

Sweet Letters by Aranxa Esteve and Lucia Rallo

created by two designers from valencia, spain, these edible letters are made of sugar and gelatin. [via mocoloco]


came across this super cute okiiko asorti pins. you can buy them here.

alan taylor jeffries

‘local custom‘ by alan taylor jeffries. LINK: redbubble

baby lamps

once again the internets never ceases to amaze me. i know you’re not asking “wtf, a baby lamp?”, instead you’re saying “which color to get?” let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a light up neon green, pink, orange or blue baby? LINK: good gracious if you’re having trouble choosing a color, you can always start […]

archie grand

archie grand makes a zillion titles of these notebooks but this one was my favorite [ha!].

kim westad ceramics

sweet pea vessels from kim westad. $35 – $40 LINK:  kim westad ceramics

i’ve got a problem.

i’ve got a problem, people, and it’s called the sharpie. i can’t get enough of them. every color, every size and i use them all. hello, my name is caroline and i am a sharpie hoarder. do you love sharpies like i do?

mia yoon

how cool is this installation from mia yoon? the exhibition is entitled ‘spectrum’ installation II and is on display in raleigh, nc [my hometown!] at the flanders gallery.

poketo three dots iPad case

if i had an iPad, i would totally put it in one of these cases from poketo. $48 LINK:  poketo three dots iPad case