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time to let go…

it’s finally time to sell my great aunt‘s house. it’s now for sale and it just seems so wrong. she lived most of her life in that house and i hate to see it go. it’s not that i want to live there but it’s just sad that she’s gone and that last bit of […]

love (or change)

love (or change) screen print by conilab. $25 LINK: cargoh

neon pink heart card

neon pink heart card from banquet atelier & workshop. $5 LINK: etsy

human heart carafe

for the more literal-minded, the human heart carafe by liviana osti. [via design milk]

heart lips

life is short and love shouldn’t be celebrated on just one day via the hallmark way. show love 24/7/365. i’ll be showing the love all week long…


today would have been my dog‘s 15th birthday. today actually marks 18 weeks since he died. it’s hard to believe it’s been that long because it feels like yesterday. i miss him just as much today as i did then. i just found these photos. they were taken 3 years ago today. a day when […]

anything is possible

no one really knows where this came from but the idea is that is was in a macintosh commercial in the 1980′s. i remember it and was reminded of it again when someone gave it to me recently.   If there was ever a time to dare, to make a difference, to embark on something […]

wait, 2012?

is that you? yes. yes it is you.


2011. wow. hard to figure out where to begin. it had amazing high points but also far too many low points. like the lowest of low. there was way too much loss… i lost my super sweet grandfather on august 29th. 6 short days later i lost my amazing great aunt on september 4th. and if those […]

happy holidays!

thanks to everyone who has taken the time to visit this blog! happy holidays (whatever you celebrate)!