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angry wood

oh, angry birds, you so crazy. my fave place named in my fave game.

wet dogs and rain boots

that is what my life has become…. it’s days like today that i really miss los angeles. big time. and the california dilemma continues…

tv detox

i admit it. i love tv. i really do. i like watching it before bed.  while i’m making jewelry. or just when something good is on. i like the option. i decided to leave my tv behind when i moved. p. and i bought it before we moved to LA and that was in 2003. […]


home. home? what classifies as home? is it where your stuff is? your family? your dog? your friends? or the old cliche, where the heart is? so far i love it here. the weather has been fantastic except for a few days of miserable heat. the trees are beautiful. the people are sweet and lovely. […]