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ok, so i’ve been a slogger (slack blogger) again.  i swear, i’ll try to do better. i write the blog for myself to remember the things that i do and you never really think anyone is reading…so it’s nice to get the “where are you?” emails. part of my reason for slackness is that i […]

things to do in portland…

there are plenty of places i keep telling myself i’m going to visit while i live in portland.  somehow, i keep putting it off but it’s time to get on it… portland art museum oregon coast evergreen aviation & space museum sauvie island powell’s books – ok, so i still haven’t been apizza scholls museum […]

and the rain begins

rain. yesterday i woke up to the smell of rain. there is something about the smell of the first rain… everything began to smell so clean. it was only mildly drizzling but enough to leave me soaked after walking the dogs. i guess it’s time to invest in some rain gear…. because today, the rain […]

lazy hiatus

apparently i’m on a lazy hiatus. i think it’s the new tv’s fault. or perhaps comcast cable? they are equally to blame. so there are no real adventures to report. i did venture out today to get some jewelry making findings. before i left the house though, i looked up and saw a rainbow in […]

city view

i had planned a productive day today. it didn’t happen. partially from having work to do. and partially from having no real excuse. i did have to take lee’s white doctor coat to her at the hospital in between rounds. she left it at home. i know, that’s a shock. lee left something at home. […]