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as some of you know, japan has a special place in my heart.  when i was about 6, yuki and yoshi moved in across the street.  yuki was lee’s age and yoshi was my age.  they lived in the states for only a few years but remain lifelong friends of our family. my friend jody, […]

my new favorite place

uwajimaya. it’s my new fave store. it’s all things japanese and it makes me happy.  i can’t believe i haven’t been in there before.  i could spend HOURS in there and probably will next time i go.  it totally felt like i was back in japan and i wanted to stay. but…the place wasn’t perfect. […]


recently lee dusted off her japanese cooking skills and made one of our faves. okonomiyaki. it’s like a japanese pancake of deliciousness. it consists of cabbage, noodles, ginger, green onions and some batter-y stuff and topped with japanese style bacon and egg. sounds weird and it is. but oh so good. especially when it’s cooked […]