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remedy diner xmas party

the last week and a half have been a blur of seeing friends, get togethers and parties. oh, and no sleep.  and it seems to have caught up with me today. i feel on the verge of coming down with something like my sister did but hoping that’s not the case though. last week was […]

ladies night secret santa

went to shellie’s tonight for a secret santa cocktail party with the ladies. it was angie, carrie, rachel, shellie, alisa, jenny, julie and kara.  i hadn’t seen them all in 6 months or so since i moved. it was fantastic to see everyone.  i’m kicking myself for not taking more pics.  but damn it’s impossible […]


woke up today uninspired. so i went in search of some inspiration and once again ended up taking another look at ann humphreys hooping videos. she’s a badass with a hula hoop. and she’s a chapel hill girl. i so wish i could do this…here is one of my faves… and this: simply amazing….


missing another birthday today. this time it’s angie’s and i’m missing out on the celebrations. you miss a lot of things when you move away and it’s part of the deal when you move to the other coast. learned that lesson years ago when i moved to LA. so, happy birthday angie! lee and i […]