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it’s 01.11.11. yeah, i’m not that excited about it. maybe when it’s 11.11.11 i’ll have more enthusiasm. ********* finally settling back into portland and damn it’s cold. it’s been raining ice shards all evening. and i do mean shards. it feels like glass on the skin. i guess it’s better than rain? after returning to […]

holiday-ed out.

it’s been great catching up with people all week – jennifer, matt, kristin, etc….and of course seeing people at the get togethers. on sunday my sister “hosted” some of her chapel hill/durham friends in what’s become an annual “invite yourself over to my parent’s house” thing. oh and when i say “hosted” i mean, it […]

winding down…

it’s hard to believe that 2010 is winding down and a new year is about to begin. where in the world has the year gone. better yet, where has this decade gone? apparently they’ve gone away with my youth…. but what is it that every older person says about about age?  that with age comes […]

director park

the rainy season has officially begun. shoot me now, please. it’s sunny one minute and then dark and gray the next and rains for hours. there was one of those sunny moments today so i headed downtown and ended up in director park. i lucked out with parking and scored right away. i walked around […]

good things must come to an end….

sadly, lee (my sissy) is leaving tomorrow for her next rotation in medford, or. she’s spent the last couple of days packing and preparing to be gone again. it’s been nice having her here the last 5 weeks. but it must end…. so we decided to go out to dindin. this was only after having […]

voodoo doughnuts

after my lack of sleep at the sleep clinic, i headed downtown to walk around and waste time. i then remembered that we’ve (sissy and i) been talking about getting my dad a t-shirt from voodoo doughnuts. my dad doesn’t collect anything, he doesn’t like sports and he doesn’t drink, therefore, gifts are a prob. what […]

hood river & multnomah falls

we arrived in hood river in time for a late lunch. hood river is a small town on the river known for wind surfing. the weather was too bad to see anyone doing it. cute town though. we then moved onto multnomah falls. it was amazing.  there are no other words to describe it. well, […]

vacation (b)ender, day 4

my mom’s last full day on the west coast. we woke up at the lodge to a cold, foggy, rainy day. there is actually a mountain buried behind that fog. no surprise. we buffeted at the restaurant which was surprisingly good. they had all fresh food and we took full advantage of it. a little […]

vacation bender, day 3

saturday began with massive amounts of rain. and cold. and more rain. our plan was to head to mt hood and stay at the timberline lodge. so we set out in the rain. we stopped at bridgeport village to do some shopping first. there was no reason to hurry to mt hood since the weather […]

vacation bender, day 2

after the pitts mansion, vacation hunger set in. again. martha and i went to old town and went to the people’s sandwich of portland. yum. i still love that place. luckily so did martha. after stuffing our faces, we walked to the river (willamette). the weather was actually nice so we walked around. so were […]