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pittock mansion

lee had to work at the clinic so martha and i headed to the pittock mansion. it’s a mansion built in the early 1900′s that sits up on a hill with great views of portland. basically it’s a big old allergy attack waiting to happen.  all the furnishings were 100 years old and it smelled […]

vacation bender, day 1

my mom (martha) came into town last wednesday night to hang out with lee and i. i do not think we stopped moving or eating the entire time. thursday morning we headed to milwaukie (oregon) to pick up my prize gift basket from the dave’s killer bread store. between the 3 of us, we sampled […]

100 years

100. 100 years. that is how old my grandfather would be today if he were still alive. he died in 1976 when i was 13 months old. needless to say, i do not remember him but i wish i did. happy birthday hww, sr. here he was back in the day.