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that horrible day… part 2

it’s true… life was never really the same after that. my dad remained in the hospital for awhile while he recovered. i remember going to visit him. i walked in the room and the daylight was coming in through the windows and seeping through the flower arrangements and plants. i didn’t know where to look […]

that horrible day… part 1

i remember moments of it so vividly, almost like it was yesterday. it was winter of 1985 and i was 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. sometime, after i’d gone to bed, i remember waking up, almost in a cold sweat. i was wide awake and shot straight up in bed. i immediately […]

time to let go…

it’s finally time to sell my great aunt‘s house. it’s now for sale and it just seems so wrong. she lived most of her life in that house and i hate to see it go. it’s not that i want to live there but it’s just sad that she’s gone and that last bit of […]


gwendolyn adelaide turner williamson. that was my grandmother’s name. she came from a swedish family.  that’s her and my grandfather in 1958 at a party (my dad’s parents). i know they look like they are having the time of their lives, don’t they? today would be her 98th birthday had she lived. she died in […]


2011. wow. hard to figure out where to begin. it had amazing high points but also far too many low points. like the lowest of low. there was way too much loss… i lost my super sweet grandfather on august 29th. 6 short days later i lost my amazing great aunt on september 4th. and if those […]


i’ve been on a month-long photo organization tear that has sent me down so many paths of nostalgia that i can’t even count. so many memories. so many people gone… so much bad hair. it’s crazy how life changes. documents of people i once knew, places i’ve visited and places i’ve lived. [have i mentioned […]


what a whirlwind 10 days. it’s barely been 10 days since i got word that my grandfather died. and 7 days since his memorial service. luckily his memorial service was more of a celebration of him. great music, hundreds of his friends and a good mix of family and old friends. one of which was […]


rest in peace? farewell? nothing seems fitting. i’ve been trying to write this post for a couple of days now but the words aren’t coming to me. my grandfather passed away this monday, august 29th. n. clayton lee – october 10, 1919 – august 29th, 2011 frankly i’m still shocked.  i mean, i knew this […]

i’m still here…

yes.  i’m still in raleigh. i’ve had to extend my trip a few times for familial obligations. and they do not seem to want to end… my father had surgery, family dog has needed help, grandfather in the hospital for heart failure….and then tonight my grandmother fell and is in the hospital. the sun will […]

catch up

flew to the east coast last saturday (april 16) to see my peeps, attend carrie’s wedding reception/party and see my sweet dog, elliot. he lives with my parent’s as he is technically the family dog but i claim him as mine.  more on him later… cashed in more frequent flier points (haller-loo-yuh) and flew first […]