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people get stuck…

i picked up this book by donald miller last month after hearing about it for a couple of years and then being reminded of it when erin loechner referenced it in her post about slowing down. excellent read, by the way. she mentioned a passage in it that said: “People get stuck, thinking they are […]

i’m back…

for the last 24+ hours i’ve been trying to put into words how i spent my weekend. sadly, i do not think the words i have can do it justice. i participated in an ace camp with erin loechner titled ‘living a fulfilled life of creativity’. i stumbled upon the workshop info a while ago and […]

design for mankind giveaway – holla!

one of my fave design bloggers, erin loechner of design for mankind, is having a giveaway! and it’s pretty sweet too. she’s giving away a brand spanking new ipad 2.  and who doesn’t want an ipad 2? check it out! even if you’re crazy and don’t want an ipad 2, you should check out her […]