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alt summit 2013 recap, glitter and all

so i just returned from altitude design summit, or as it’s lovingly known as, alt summit in salt lake city. well, it’s been a couple of days actually. had to get over my hellacious travel day (travel bonus: sat by edward burns whom I love. when i worked at the rialto a million years ago, […]

happy new year, peoples!

some might say that i’ve ignored the blog… well, i’d be one of them. here it is now 2013 and i skipped a few months. but let’s pause, did you see the sunset on new year’s eve? it was spectacular… have no fear, i’m still here (and i rhyme!). i’ve just been super busy out […]

leaving on a jet plane…

so tomorrow i’ll be leaving on a jet plane to fly the friendly skies (here’s hoping they’re extra friendly) on my way to europe. i’m heading to helsinki, finland. then to stockholm, sweden. then to berlin, germany. never been to any of these cities but i’m ridiculously excited. i’ll be covering some cool stuff for […]

element75 + cargoh.com

did you see it? well if not, let me explain. the lovely people at cargoh.com asked me to curate a collection of goods that they sell on their website. cargoh is an online marketplace for all things handmade and if you haven’t been on there yet, you should. if you make stuff, you should sell […]

moo luxe business cards

check out my new Moo Luxe Business cards that are featured on Design Milk today! LINK: design milk

2011 – i did it! i did it!

ok so i spilled my guts on all of the negative that happened last year [2011] but it wasn’t all bad. really. i swear. here are a few things that i did do: 1. had blog redesigned – thanks to sara and matthew! 2. wrote 100 posts for the amazing design milk. have you read them […]

bull city craft 2011 etsy party

i’ve (element75) decided to participate in the 2011 etsy craft party being held at bull city craft in durham, nc this year.  since i’ll be here and all. it’s an event being held on friday, june 10th from 4 – 8pm in cities all around the world where crafters/artists get together and sell their wares. […]


i’ve gotten a few emails about my lack of posts recently. sorry! i’ve been busy painting. yes, painting. and i’m painting on wood instead of canvas. i finally got back into it after a very long hiatus and i’m loving it. i’ve missed having paint under my fingernails and all up my arms. hoping to […]

black friday etsy sale

in honor of black friday, i’m having an e l e m e n t 7 5 etsy sale. beginning at 12am EST tonight you get 15% off of your order by using the coupon code:  blackfriday at checkout. the sale lasts 24 hours only. do it. you know you need some jewelry! etsy site.

lazy hiatus

apparently i’m on a lazy hiatus. i think it’s the new tv’s fault. or perhaps comcast cable? they are equally to blame. so there are no real adventures to report. i did venture out today to get some jewelry making findings. before i left the house though, i looked up and saw a rainbow in […]