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life list: 2013

[update: i’ve created an updated list for 2015 that you can find here – some of the same, some new. i haven’t forgotten about this one though.] \\\\\\\\\ ok, so i drank the kool-aid. but don’t worry, it’s good kool-aid. i’ve been working on my life list (or bucket list as the older generation might […]

anything is possible

no one really knows where this came from but the idea is that is was in a macintosh commercial in the 1980′s. i remember it and was reminded of it again when someone gave it to me recently.   If there was ever a time to dare, to make a difference, to embark on something […]

nine / eleven

9/11. it’s been 10 years. and it’s still hard to believe. new york will never be the same, but maybe one day it will be better.  no matter what, it will forever be one of my favorite places. i will always think of new york on this day. new york new york, big city of […]

a new year…

1.1.11 finally, a new year and i could not be more ready for it. it seems like every year starts out with the best of intentions and does not always pan out to my expectations. it’s time for a compromise…less expectations. 2010 wasn’t a bad year. it definitely had it’s ups along with its downs. […]

love it

“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.”— Sylvia Plath

tv detox

i admit it. i love tv. i really do. i like watching it before bed.  while i’m making jewelry. or just when something good is on. i like the option. i decided to leave my tv behind when i moved. p. and i bought it before we moved to LA and that was in 2003. […]


dreams. strange dreams. even though i’ve been out of school for, um, quite some time i still have dreams about it. usually it’s i can’t remember my combination to my locker or i do not think i have enough credits to graduate and i cannot find any of my professors to help me figure out […]