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travel continued

i landed in dallas and immediately started getting texts/emails from people saying that it was snowing like crazy in raleigh. i slowly headed to the skylink train to get to my next terminal. it was early in the evening but the airport felt very empty. and most of the food places were closed.  not that […]


i went out at around 8pm to walk the dogs and immediately felt like i was walking in a cloud. or my glasses were super dirty. i could barely see. it got a little better up at the intersection. and then really bad. bad enough to not be able to see across the street. obviously […]


last weekend lee and i took the pups to dogtoberfest. it’s an event held every year to raise money for an emergency vet here in portland. it’s held at the lucky lab brew pub in the SE. they were doing a big dog wash and had food (hot dogs), beer and music. and a million […]

the pups

on sunday, lee and i decided to take the pups to the dog park. you know, the place where dogs go run around like crazy and sniff each other. just getting there is an ordeal. the pups aren’t spring chickens anymore so lee has a ramp to get them in the car. it would be […]

from bad to worse…

that describes my day. i rolled over in bed this morning to find my sister’s golden retriever heavily panting and acting weird. it was 5am. even though she is weird to begin with, this was extremely weird for her. i figured she needed to go out.  i got up, opened the door and she ran […]

what a day…

woke up to thunderous noise in the bathroom of which i thought lee was home and about to do her hair. it sounded like she was digging around under the sink for the hair dryer. it was tons of banging around and it went on forever. i called out to her asking why she was […]

beautiful days

i’m listening to two snoring dogs and grateful i have a few moments without a cold, wet nose nudging my arm for pets.  i love them but damn….nonstop.  especially when i’m trying to get work done.   the weather has been amazing lately with no rain.  today, however, is supposed to be the start of […]

first full day in pdx…

barely slept last night and woke up to the yellow lab jumping onto the blow up bed with me. bad habit but it was really cute.  cannot wait to unpack my suitcases as i have no idea where anything is.  hopefully i can tackle that this weekend… exhaustion set in today with the feeling of […]

day 9: oregon —> portland

didn’t sleep well…again…but i was ready to get out of the hotel.  packed up, loaded the car and left.  the drive felt like it took forever.  luckily it was great scenery to look at because i don’t think i could have taken another idaho.  i swear the last 2 hours felt like 5 days though. […]