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i’m officially…

an oregonian. license plates arrived (it only took 5 months). correct screws were bought. license plates installed. and yes, stalkers, i blurred out part of it. does this mean i have to wear fleece now? i think not. i like the last part of it though. e-z-e. easy e. eazy e.


portland. so i’m officially a resident of oregon. or at least the $70 i shelled out to the dmv to get a driver’s license tells me so. the dmv. what can i say about the dmv that hasn’t been said before? it’s a nightmare. today i decided i wasn’t leaving without a license and luckily […]

department of no moving lines

i’ve been studying the oregon handbook in order to get my oregon license. i believe it might be my least favorite thing to do.  or one of them. i hate the dmv. i mean, HATE the dmv. i remembering studying for the california one after being told that it was notoriously hard. and it was. […]