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3+ years later…

it still hurts. i still miss him just as much as i did the day he left. that day, a day after two other incredible losses… i still feel it. it truly was the worst goodbye of all. there have been other really painful losses, sure. but when it comes to your constant companion, your only […]

january 20th

january 20th… it used to be one of my favorite days. but not anymore. it was my dog’s birthday and today just reminds me that he’s gone. it’s been over a year and i still miss him every single day and it doesn’t seem to get any easier. i so wish he was here, hogging […]

time to let go…

it’s finally time to sell my great aunt‘s house. it’s now for sale and it just seems so wrong. she lived most of her life in that house and i hate to see it go. it’s not that i want to live there but it’s just sad that she’s gone and that last bit of […]


today would have been my dog‘s 15th birthday. today actually marks 18 weeks since he died. it’s hard to believe it’s been that long because it feels like yesterday. i miss him just as much today as i did then. i just found these photos. they were taken 3 years ago today. a day when […]

sad reminder

i just found some polaroids that my dad had taken in 1997 when he went to pick up my dog as a puppy. sad reminder that he’s gone… top left: him bottom left: he’s on the left with his brothers and sisters top & bottom right: his dad [his mom died when he was 3 […]


2011. wow. hard to figure out where to begin. it had amazing high points but also far too many low points. like the lowest of low. there was way too much loss… i lost my super sweet grandfather on august 29th. 6 short days later i lost my amazing great aunt on september 4th. and if those […]

steve jobs

what a man… an incredible man. super sad to hear that he died on wednesday. apple’s homepage one man who changed society and how we function and communicate, all while wearing a black turtleneck and jeans. i’ve been strictly apple since approximately 1983 when i was in elementary school and took my first computer design […]

the worst goodbye of all…

or the post i never wanted to write. the last 2 weeks have brought the death of my grandfather and my great aunt. and now my sweet dog… elliot.  * january 20, 1997 – september 16, 2011 i’m still in shock. i still can’t believe it. and i want so badly for it not to […]


what a whirlwind 10 days. it’s barely been 10 days since i got word that my grandfather died. and 7 days since his memorial service. luckily his memorial service was more of a celebration of him. great music, hundreds of his friends and a good mix of family and old friends. one of which was […]


rest in peace? farewell? nothing seems fitting. i’ve been trying to write this post for a couple of days now but the words aren’t coming to me. my grandfather passed away this monday, august 29th. n. clayton lee – october 10, 1919 – august 29th, 2011 frankly i’m still shocked.  i mean, i knew this […]