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VW throw pillows

vw throw pillows from zodax – camper or beetle

car nostalgia

i just found a photo. a photo of my favorite car that i owned. a 1977 vw super beetle convertible. i loved that car. i had so much fun in that car. eventually sold it to buy something ‘safer’. so wish i still had it. out of the dozen or so cars i’ve owned, it’s […]

holiday do-over?

this holiday season started out so promising, didn’t it? then came today….  i guess it could be a lot worse but it could definitely better. good news is that i actually slept last night. and well.  first time in what seems like ages. went to lunch with my mom and sister.  lee has been super […]

barbie’s pink convertible

welcome to north carolina. i guess it’s better than a pickup truck with a gun rack in the back. and yes, she was blonde.

i’m officially…

an oregonian. license plates arrived (it only took 5 months). correct screws were bought. license plates installed. and yes, stalkers, i blurred out part of it. does this mean i have to wear fleece now? i think not. i like the last part of it though. e-z-e. easy e. eazy e.

from bad to worse…

that describes my day. i rolled over in bed this morning to find my sister’s golden retriever heavily panting and acting weird. it was 5am. even though she is weird to begin with, this was extremely weird for her. i figured she needed to go out.  i got up, opened the door and she ran […]


portland. so i’m officially a resident of oregon. or at least the $70 i shelled out to the dmv to get a driver’s license tells me so. the dmv. what can i say about the dmv that hasn’t been said before? it’s a nightmare. today i decided i wasn’t leaving without a license and luckily […]

i love you portland.

for people that do things like this:

department of no moving lines

i’ve been studying the oregon handbook in order to get my oregon license. i believe it might be my least favorite thing to do.  or one of them. i hate the dmv. i mean, HATE the dmv. i remembering studying for the california one after being told that it was notoriously hard. and it was. […]


i was out walking the other day and ended up at the high school behind my place. i noticed a tow truck loading up 2 tiny 3 wheeled cars. i asked the guy sitting on the curb if they were his and they were. he was taking them to a car show the next day. […]