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happy new year, peoples!

some might say that i’ve ignored the blog… well, i’d be one of them. here it is now 2013 and i skipped a few months. but let’s pause, did you see the sunset on new year’s eve? it was spectacular… have no fear, i’m still here (and i rhyme!). i’ve just been super busy out […]

hi. it’s been a while.

oh hey there blog. i seem to have forgotten that you exist. so sorry about that. i’ve been tending to other matters out there on the interwebs. hope to see you again soon. meanwhile, i’m off to finland, sweden, and germany next week. i’ll be out of the loop for a couple of weeks while […]

weekend hiatus

just in case you’re wondering, i’m taking weekends off from blogging for now. so much to do and so little time… i’ll be back monday! xo, c

blog overhaul

this blog and my website are currently in the process of being overhauled. can i get an AMEN? amen. in the meantime, you can find me contributing on Design Milk.

i’m back….again.

ok, so i realize i’ve been m.i.a. again.  i’ve been taking a bit of a summer breather and reassessing where i want to take this blog. i know you’ve been impatiently watching tumbleweeds blow across my blog.  i get it.  it makes you sad and all. i swear to do better so no tears, okay? […]

rss feed

finally added the subscribe to links in the top right corner.  ————-> so now you won’t have to miss anything from my super exciting blog!


ok, i have a confession. well actually it’s an addiction that i’ve recently acquired. it’s an addiction to…… ANGRY BIRDS. yes, angry birds. that dumb iphone game i’ve heard about for months and months and didn’t care about. now i do. so if you can’t find me or wonder why i’m not blogging, it’s because […]


ok, so i’ve been a slogger (slack blogger) again.  i swear, i’ll try to do better. i write the blog for myself to remember the things that i do and you never really think anyone is reading…so it’s nice to get the “where are you?” emails. part of my reason for slackness is that i […]


first, let me start out by saying that i’ve been a slackie mcslackerton as far as blogging has gone.  sorry!  i’ll try to do better. second, i don’t recommend trying a restaurant the same week that they are featured in portland monthly magazine. lee wanted to venture out for pizza last night after reading the […]

element75 jewelry featured on a blog

one of my element75 bracelets was just featured on a blog today. it’s called Hundy & Undy – decor & fashions under $100. pretty cool concept so go check it out!