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catch up

flew to the east coast last saturday (april 16) to see my peeps, attend carrie’s wedding reception/party and see my sweet dog, elliot. he lives with my parent’s as he is technically the family dog but i claim him as mine.  more on him later… cashed in more frequent flier points (haller-loo-yuh) and flew first […]

happy birthday, elliot

happy birthday elliot. i cannot believe my sweet dog is 14 today. but mostly, i hate that i’m not with him to celebrate.  he lives with my parent’s on the east coast and right now i hate that arrangement. it is what it is and i have to wish him happy birthday from afar…. so […]

back to portland

first blog while back in portland for the new year. hard to believe it’s 2011. 2011. where did the last decade go? ************ it was hard to leave raleigh behind and to say goodbye to my sweet dog. i hate more than anything leaving him.  somehow i think it gets harder each time. ************* flew […]

end of the year

i didn’t really blog towards the end of december so i’m behind and i’m not going to attempt to catch up! my time in raleigh is coming to a close with less than a week left. i’m looking forward to going home to portland but i’m going to miss my sweet dog. it snowed a few […]

post travel hangover

i landed in raleigh a couple of days ago and i’ve been in a complete fog. a post travel hangover. perhaps i overindulged in the free first class offerings? whatever it is, it feels just like my dog looks although not as cute.

travel continued

i landed in dallas and immediately started getting texts/emails from people saying that it was snowing like crazy in raleigh. i slowly headed to the skylink train to get to my next terminal. it was early in the evening but the airport felt very empty. and most of the food places were closed.  not that […]


home. home? what classifies as home? is it where your stuff is? your family? your dog? your friends? or the old cliche, where the heart is? so far i love it here. the weather has been fantastic except for a few days of miserable heat. the trees are beautiful. the people are sweet and lovely. […]