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the day after…

november 3rd. the day after election day and i woke up disappointed. i pretty much expected the outcome. the republicans took over the house. luckily the democrats retained control of the senate. apparently people have forgotten that the president cannot move mountains. he was not given a magic wand when he took office. how could […]


foot. feet. pain. i’ve had chronic foot pain since the 9th grade. every step i’ve taken since then has hurt to some degree. granted, it has varied over the years but it still sucks. i’ve seen so many foot doctors over the years hoping for a cure but it has yet to happen. i saw […]

bad day, beautiful sunset…

from bad to worse…

that describes my day. i rolled over in bed this morning to find my sister’s golden retriever heavily panting and acting weird. it was 5am. even though she is weird to begin with, this was extremely weird for her. i figured she needed to go out.  i got up, opened the door and she ran […]


portland. so i’m officially a resident of oregon. or at least the $70 i shelled out to the dmv to get a driver’s license tells me so. the dmv. what can i say about the dmv that hasn’t been said before? it’s a nightmare. today i decided i wasn’t leaving without a license and luckily […]