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my new obsession

i am completely obsessed with white flower oil. it’s used for important stuff that i can’t remember but i just think it smells good. lavendar, eucaplytus and peppermint all swirled into one. delicious.


i’ve been secretly excited about the recent launch of jane pratt’s new website, i admit it. i was a reader of sassy magazine from the beginning and then jane magazine (until she left and it went to crap). so apparently i like all things jane pratt.  and finally her newest venture is here. check […]

angry wood

oh, angry birds, you so crazy. my fave place named in my fave game.


ok, i have a confession. well actually it’s an addiction that i’ve recently acquired. it’s an addiction to…… ANGRY BIRDS. yes, angry birds. that dumb iphone game i’ve heard about for months and months and didn’t care about. now i do. so if you can’t find me or wonder why i’m not blogging, it’s because […]


elliot. my sweet dog. but let me be honest. i call him bew or bewbew, not elliot. i’m sure i’ve confused the hell out of him over the last 14 years by all the names i’ve called him but he definitely knows bew (boo). the hardest thing about being on the west coast is being […]

new obsession

i have a new addiction. it’s called pinterest. it’s a virtual scrapbook of things and ideas you like.  you can also follow other people and see what they like and “re-pin” things they have marked.  they describe it better than i can here. you can see my pinterest account here. or here: if you’re […]

heartbreakingly beautiful…

my sister

my sister has an addiction. it’s getting serious and completely out of hand. she’s a hardcore cereal junkie. lee heard that new seasons was having a sale on cereal and i’ve never seen such excitement upon hearing that. we went there today and she emptied their shelves. she had to push the cart outside because […]