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cat power

‘kings ride by (featuring manny pacquiao)’ from cat power. donate money to download the song and all proceeds go to festival of children foundation and the ali forney center. do it. do it now. you can thank me later.


i’ve had this song stuck in my head all day… it’s LP’s ‘into the wild”.

sunset – december 15th

sunset – december 14

eames and ice cube.

this is awesome.


i’ve been on a month-long photo organization tear that has sent me down so many paths of nostalgia that i can’t even count. so many memories. so many people gone… so much bad hair. it’s crazy how life changes. documents of people i once knew, places i’ve visited and places i’ve lived. [have i mentioned […]

words to live by…

think different.

steve jobs

what a man… an incredible man. super sad to hear that he died on wednesday. apple’s homepage one man who changed society and how we function and communicate, all while wearing a black turtleneck and jeans. i’ve been strictly apple since approximately 1983 when i was in elementary school and took my first computer design […]

nine / eleven

9/11. it’s been 10 years. and it’s still hard to believe. new york will never be the same, but maybe one day it will be better.  no matter what, it will forever be one of my favorite places. i will always think of new york on this day. new york new york, big city of […]

the duke spirit

this song is stuck in my head.  the step and the walk by the duke spirit.