life list: 2016


it’s that time again. time for me to sharpen my focus on what matters. my birthday hit me hard this year, harder than any other making me not want to waste anymore time. i’ve done the life list for probably 10 years now, and it’s time for 2016. hopefully, i can make more happen in the upcoming year. i published my 2015 and 2013 lists if you want to view. here goes…

1. figure out where “home” is – i’ve been a nomad for a really long time now and i’m still searching

2. learn to play guitar – 1 song to start (i’ve had so many opportunities to learn but i’ve always been intimidated. i need someone who wants to teach me a bit because they want to pass along something they love, not because of ego.) – help?

3. own a guitar (again) – i’ve had several and lived with several but i don’t have them anymore – suggestions?

4. practice TM 2x a day, everyday. i haven’t been consistent.

5. get rid of the granuloma on the vocal cord or find someone who can treat it

6. give kristen b. a hug to thank her for changing my life, and quite possibly saving it

7. have someone fun sing ‘sweet caroline’ to me (again). i secretly love it.

8. a big shakeup/change of scenery

9. i need a headshot for work stuff and i dread it (help?)

10. see the eiffel tower

11. get a digital camera that i love. i still want a leica monochrom…

12. feel comfortable using the above camera

13. ride the london eye

14. own another vintage VW and restore it

15. go back to japan – i miss my family there and the country

16. go on a trip in an RV

17. visit all 50 states – 11 left: alaska, hawaii, north dakota, south dakota, wisconsin, maine, new hampshire, minnesota, montana, vermont, & rhode island

18. have sex in every state

19. have sex every day for a year

20. see dead & company and have a good experience the entire night – that’s not too much is it? (fun fact: the grateful dead was the first concert i saw as a kid of 12-years old)

21. more fun travel and not only work travel

22. find THE WATCH – i have a bunch (more than a bunch) but i’m still looking for that one that i really love.

23. 1 million in the bank

24. visit the eames house, the farnsworth house, and the glass house

25. take a relaxing vacation and do zero work

26. do a split again

27. finish the apartment

28. plan another road trip. take said road trip.

29. write more letters

30. watch the stars from the middle of nowhere

31. drive the entire highway 1

32. take the tram to roosevelt island

33. redo this blog

34. get back to morning pages, ala ‘the artist’s way’

35. go away on a major holiday with someone that isn’t family

36. receive a love letter

37. get lasik surgery

38. volunteer on a major holiday

39. volunteer for veterans again

40. pursue a crush

41. visit the broad museum

42. watch the sunset with someone important to me

43. inbox zero

44. travel around europe by train

45. get rid of all things i don’t love or need

46. visit australia

47. find a penpal

48. zero debt

49. exercise routine that’s fun and i stick with

50. have an art studio

51. do a project i can talk about with published credit

52. wear a swimsuit again and give zero fucks

53. buy a painting i love

54. have a spot for a hammock

55. start studying japanese again

56. visit ecuador & pose with feet on either side of the equator

57. find a mentor (i may be old but we all need one)

58. learn more about my dad’s family

59. fold 1000 origami cranes

60. learn to hula hoop (i.e. keep the hoop up)

61. write something for jane pratt

62. sit next to andy cohen on a plane – he seems like he’d be fun

63. wear only fancy underthings

64. go to a tropical island and relax

65. take a multi-country trip with zero agenda

66. job with benefits (i’ve been freelance for eons)

67. visit coney island

68. own a photo booth

69. visit NASA

70. write a book

71. rescue a dog from a shelter

72. have someone amazing play ‘purple rain’ on the guitar for me

73. own an eames lounge chair

74. see my recent favorite song sung live

75. make out with a stranger (again)

76. visit yellowstone (plans in the past kept getting changed because of road closures)

77. take a good photo of the moon

78. ride a vespa

79. cross the golden gate bridge

80. drive cross country again

81. watch the sunset over the Mediterranean again

82. a capsule wardrobe of only good quality clothes

83. find love again

84. become a million miler on one airline (close, but hasn’t happened yet)

85. own a large format printer

86. sing a song… on stage

87. get a tebori tattoo in japan by a master (long time dream)

88. find someone to draw the idea i have in my mind for a tattoo and then get it done

89. see louis ck live

90. live in california again. it still feels like home.

91. find a simple organization system for paper that works for me

92. raise serious money for a charity

93. have my own family, whatever that may look like

94. see a concert at red rocks

95. visit every country in europe

96. walk across the brooklyn bridge

97. find another necklace i love as much as the one that recently broke

98. fall asleep at night and know i’m in the right place with the right person

99. ???

100. live long enough to see 1-99 happen


  1. Ron Aris
    Posted Sunday, March 13, 2016 at 11:54 pm | Permalink

    Brave list …

  2. Posted Monday, October 10, 2016 at 7:38 pm | Permalink

    Omg I love this list!! I want to do so much from this list too (guitar, travel, etc). Good luck beating this list!

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