it’s 2015, people


01.05.15 (although written on 12.31.14)

how did that happen?! i feel like with each passing year, the 12 months go by a little faster feeling like some kind of warp speed.

2014 was icky. it rivaled 2011, which was one of the most heartbreaking years i could imagine.

as terrified as i am to be in a new year, this particular year and the age it brings, i’m a little relieved to let 2014 rest in the past.

most of 2014 i’ve left off the blog – it’s just not something i want to share – but i’ll say this… as hard as it was, i’ve learned a lot and certainly grown from it.

it’s made me appreciate the small things. the happy moments. the little reminders that not everything is bad… and for that, i’m grateful. we only go around this life once so it’s time to make the most of it. as selfishly as it sounds, i’m going to focus on me and being happy.

most importantly, i plan to have a hell of a lot more fun. so bring it, 2015. but bring it gently, okay?

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