spain: broken down, part 2

[in case you missed them, you can also read my initial post and part 1.]

and now back to it…

day 4

brekkie in the lounge. hungover. embarrassed. vulnerable. just feeling weird.

left for cosentino to explore the dekton factory. truly revolutionary. more later…

big group lunch with the canada group. few references from the night before. good times.

loaded the van/bus up with our group and a group from canada that was there and we headed to the seaside town of mojacar about 1+ hours away.

felt overwhelmed on the ride. starred out the window watching the spanish countryside pass me by while listening to music on my phone. i was exhausted and slightly delirious but so happy to be there. but also, so strange just how alone you can feel when you’re surrounded by a group of people. great people, even.

we stopped to get out and see the mediterranean. remember i mentioned it here and it being on my life list here? well, it was nothing short of magical sticking my feet in and just soaking it up as much as possible. the sun on my face and arms and sand between my toes was awe-inspiring. we hung out there for awhile taking it all in.

loaded back up and headed up the winding hills to the town of white dwellings and businesses. when the bus couldn’t go any further, we got out and walked up the hill to the top. the views = captivating. we took group photos then ventured down to a cafe.

i wondered off some but came back to tables full of sangria and eats.

so i drank again. numbed out. (ps. the sangria there is mighty fine)

we walked down to meet the bus and headed down the hill to dinner on the water.

another fun, loud night of over-sharing and i liked it. not the over-sharing on my part but everyone else’s.

there was beer, wine, and limoncello. i think there was a lot of food too. mostly a liquid dinner though.

the party bus continued back to macael 1+ hours away. got back close to 2am. another long, but fulfilling day.

more drunk texts. not awesome again. someone, please keep my phone for me.

day 5
up early again after not much sleep. more hangover and head hanging down.

check out of the hotel and loaded up on a bus. took another 2 hour drive to granada.  we walked the canadian group to their hotel and then headed to a cathedral as a group. another magical moment.

somehow most of the group left without me (miscommunication) and i was invited (?) to third wheel it with L & J. not sure (definitely sure) it wasn’t what they had in mind.

we explored and went in shops and then headed to the granada cathedral. the main one. overwhelming to say the least. it’s impossible not to feel things in there, no matter your take on religion. spent some time in there before heading back out.

walked around and found an outdoor cafe to eat/drink lunch. hallie walked by and joined us. more eats and drinks (sangria).

the boys left and hallie and i walked around until we met up with the group.

it was then time to go to the alhambra palace for our tour. the tour was 2.5 hours with lots of walking but sooooo worth it. so much history and so much to look at. tried to soak as much of it in as possible realizing that things were winding down.

got a charlie horse in my leg walking back. awesome, right? especially when you’re in a hurry.

we rushed back to the bus to head to the airport for our 10:30pm flight back to barcelona. we were pretty exhausted by this point after many long days, lack of sleep, and walking around in the hot sun. we had one last meal together in the airport and then waited for our delayed flight.

i got stuck in a middle seat on a hot plane with a creep next to me. i was done at this point. started to freak out and wanted to get off the plane. it was all i could do to hold it together and meditate. then listened to spiritualized. it was the longest 1.25 hour flight ever.

day 6
arrived in barcelona at around 12:45am, got luggage and then went to find shuttle to hotel. we were all pretty delirious at this point. or maybe it was just me?

made it to the hotel for the slowest check-in process ever. i was tired but not sleepy so i didn’t care.

we split off and headed to our rooms at who knows what time. i couldn’t cool off so i showered and tried to sleep. was awake till about 4:30am.

up at 6:15am i think. it was next to impossible to get up. i just wanted to sleep and forget everything.

managed to make it downstairs to find L. talked to him for a few and once again tried to explain myself. don’t know why i kept feeling compelled to do so, but things felt weird and i kept feeling the need. it’s just a weird time for me. confusing. emotional. and had been feeling lost. pretty sure he’s over it and just wants to avoid me. whatever.

the remaining 7 of us went to the airport and said our quick goodbyes.

must admit, i was sad to see everyone go in opposite directions.

it was time, but still, we had shared an experience that no one else did and it was ending.

luckily i ran into rona near our gates and we sat and talked before another goodbye.

then it was time to board the next flight home….

only to be surprised when one of my hall passes (you know about those, right? look it up if you don’t) that i had just talked about the day before, boarded last onto my flight and sat right across the aisle from me.

he’s one of those enigmatic people that you’re drawn to. not dropping his name because i believe in privacy and shit. but those at the table might remember the spanish actor i was talking about. hot damn.

made for an interesting plane ride.


part of me is so sad it’s over. part of me didn’t want it to end, not wanting to come back to reality. nothing lasts forever, i know. and we all have lives in various parts of the country.

but still…

it’s a chapter closed and who knows if you’ll see these people again.

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  1. Posted Thursday, November 6, 2014 at 10:28 am | Permalink

    So I’m commenting on this a couple months late but I just came across your personal website (as I am already a fan and follower of Design Milk), but I had to say something as I currently live in Spain, love it, and am so happy to hear you enjoyed your stay so much! This will be about my third year, when added together, living in Spain and although I am currently living in Madrid I also spent a year in Barcelona. It truly is a wonderful country and there is something very inspiring about being here as well as the people who live here. I hope you get to come back one day to continue exploring the different treasures it has to offer!

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