spain: broken down, part 1

if only you knew how true the title of this post was for me…

(rundown of the trip so i don’t forget anything. parts are sort of cryptic but that’s how it needs to be.)

i already talked a bit the other day about the trip. you can read that here.

i’ll add photos at some point but in the meantime, you can check out what i’ve posted to my instagram account and to design milk’s.

day 1
arrived in barcelona at around 7:45am (local time), tired as hell. headed to the hotel but my room wasn’t ready yet. roamed around but just wanted to shower and rest. finally checked in then went to explore some. the grocery store was a madhouse but i always like seeing how it’s done in other countries.

hotel view

hotel view

met the group for the first time at 8pm for dinner. walked to a local restaurant and ate some of the best damn food i’ve ever eaten. it was a tapas place called ciudad comtal. go if you’re ever there. do it. you won’t regret it, especially if you go with someone who’s awesome at ordering.


i left earlier than the rest of the group. needed to roam some. then rest.

day 2
i just couldn’t get up. between jet lag and other stuff, i just couldn’t. i slept and would wake up and write in my journal and then go back to sleep. then repeat.

gaudi house

gaudi house

finally found the strength to get up and get ready. ate a few bites of food at a local cafe then taxied to gaudi’s casa batlló and then on to sagrada familia. good lord. it’s jaw dropping and pretty fucking magnificent. you could stare and walk around it all day and never begin to notice all the details.

sagrada familia

sagrada familia

then headed to gaudi’s park guell. one word – wow.

park guell

park guell

park guell

park guell

i started feeling really rundown so i headed back to the hotel and laid down. sadly, i missed the group dinner that night. it was a shitty night. a really, really shitty night.


day 3
checked out of the hotel at 6am (kill me) and headed to the airport with the group. 8am flight to alicante, spain. got in a van and drove the 2+ hours to macael, spain. once there, we visited a quarry owned by cosentino. amazing.


went to our hotel, la tejera, and checked in. group lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. so. much. delicious. food.  after the 2-hour meal, we headed to cosentino to learn about the company.

i get pitched a lot of product, brands, designs, you name it. let’s face it – it’s hard to blow me away. much of it comes from how a company is run and the people who work there, and of course, the product itself. getting invited inside a company is one of the coolest things ever. first, it’s a privilege to be there. second, what an experience to get to learn the ins and outs of what makes a company tick and how they got to where they are. i also really like seeing how things are made.


cosentino is one of those companies that reminded me again why i love design and why i love my job.

we explored their showroom and one of their factories. we busted it out in orange vests, headphones, masks, and hard hats. no, i will not post those photos.


then back to the hotel. walked the street a little to shoot some of the local scenery.

and then it begins...

our US group decided to meet up at the cafe/bar of the hotel for dinner instead of the fancy restaurant.

and then, i dropped my sobriety at the door. let’s just say i haven’t had a drink in awhile but the switch flipped and i started with beer.

then wine.

then more beer. and i didn’t care.

the dinner was laid back and full of laughs. something i needed badly. the walls were dropped and my normally vaulted mouth opened up.

everyone kinda opened up. ’twas a fun time.

if only i’d left my cellie in my room. it’s amazing how someone’s words can change the course of a moment, or even a lifetime.

felt pretty broken but the kindness of these (recent) strangers, now maybe friends was helpful. thanks, people. occasionally, i’m reminded that not everyone sucks.

i have no idea when we left but we shut the place down. couldn’t sleep despite my exhaustion. drunk texts ensued. awesome.

to be continued…

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