the aftermath of steubenville

another day, another rape case. this time, two teenage boys raping a 16-year old girl.

today, they were found guilty.

they were tried as juveniles so even with the guilty verdict, they’ll be free in a few short years and will move on with their lives, almost like nothing ever happened.

the girl, well, the girl will be living with it for the rest of her life, i’m sure.

some of the media have even painted the picture of these poor, teenage boys – so much promise, and now their lives are ruined. their promising future’s in football are now over. all because of this trial.

wait. are we supposed to feel sorry for them?

i don’t think they were feeling sorry for the victim when they were raping her while she was drunk.

they did consciously make the choice to do what they did, and for that, there are consequences. they made the choice to change the course of their lives.

but she didn’t.

sadly it’s not just the ill-informed reporters that sport ignorance on the subject. it’s everywhere.

from the attackers, be it teenagers or the elderly and everyone in between, assaulters, harassers, and men and women in general, you name it. everyone needs to be educated on what is, and what isn’t okay. what they did wasn’t okay.

teach your sons and the men in your lives to be kind and respectful, and teach them what boundaries are. teach them that their decisions can affect other people. teach your daughters the same.

we could all use a lesson or two in boundaries, no?

and most definitely, give them a voice to speak up. no one should be disrespected and no one should be taken advantage of, drunk or not.

remember, these are your wives, sisters, mothers, and even your 16-year old daughters… but more importantly, we’re all human beings.

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