hate vomit

i’m around the internet in plenty of places, personally and professionally. i read blogs, websites, and the like, on various topics – art, design, politics, feminism, pop culture, music, you name it. the topics may vary but one thing remains the same – the hate vomit spewed throughout the comment sections and sent as emails to writers.

hate vomit is what i call comments such as “you suck!”, “this sucks.”, “you’re pathetic!”, “get a new job!”, “i hate you!,” you get the drift. although these are mild compared to what i actually see and have received.

i’ve always hated it but i hate it worse now that i’ve been the recipient of it.

gradually, i’ve put myself out there more and more (damn, it’s hard…), and that’s when it stings the worst.

the more personal something is, the more gut wrenching it feels.

it’s not easy being vulnerable. try it sometime. then imagine someone trying to shame you for it.

i admit, i’m overly sensitive sometimes and i also get that putting something out there gives people a platform to judge. i don’t love it but I can take it.

i’m all for free speech and opinions and a dialogue with differing opinions, but faceless trashing is insensitive and cowardly. bring on the constructive criticism. anything that’s thought provoking and gives me insight into seeing something in a new way, i’m all for it.

i bet if you were standing in front of someone you wouldn’t say it straight to their face, would you? if so, i applaud you for the balls it took. but i guarantee 99% of what flows through the comment sections wouldn’t fly out of that individual’s mouth in real life. just because you’re behind a computer doesn’t make it okay.

now there are plenty of lovely commenters out there but they tend to get lost amongst the negative. if you’re one of them, keep it up. i’m sure it means a lot to people putting their blood, sweat, and many tears into what they’re doing. i know it does me.

words of advice: think before you speak and realize it’s a person just like you that laid it all out there.


  1. Posted Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 1:58 pm | Permalink

    Sorry to hear you received some hate vomit.
    It really is horrible that people feel the need to go out of their way to be mean and rude. It often happens that I am reading a post and don’t love what the person is wearing or don’t think their pictures are pretty etc.. but you just go to another blog.. to actually tell them they look ugly or have bad taste or are talent less.. is just unnecessary and nasty.

  2. Posted Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 11:05 pm | Permalink

    I completely agree. I just say nothing and move on. I wish other would do the same unless it’s something constructive. Anyway, thanks for you nice comment!

  3. Ginger G
    Posted Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 4:02 pm | Permalink

    Caroline. Great post. I agree with what you are saying. But did you know that 1 of the most serial of internet abusers is a contact of yours on Twitter. ‘Remi Rough’.

    A friend of mine had awful accusations made against him by this man. It seems he is a compulsive liar & a vicious internet abuser. Recently he was involved in an argument with another graffiti painter. It seems this started when Remi called him a pedophile on Instagram. A disgusting thing to say about anyone. Then it appears some of Remi’s work was crossed out by vandals connected to this person (I cant remember his name) Remi then issued a statement on his blog abusing this person. They both continued to taunt each other & I really dont know the original cause of the incident. But if you search ‘Remi Rough’ on Google you will see the type of person this is. There are other quotes from members of the art world stating that this type of behavior is regular from Mr rough.. Your message made me think you should know the truth of this person & though I don’t know the graffiti writer he was squabbling with I do have 2 friends that have been abused by this man. 1 simply because he said he did not like a piece of his art.

    Abuse it seems, is all around us.

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