alt summit 2013 recap, glitter and all

so i just returned from altitude design summit, or as it’s lovingly known as, alt summit in salt lake city. well, it’s been a couple of days actually. had to get over my hellacious travel day (travel bonus: sat by edward burns whom I love. when i worked at the rialto a million years ago, we showed all his films) and catch up on work and emails and life.

plus, i had to process it all.

and unpack my swag.

exhaustion & delirium setting in at the clue themed party

let me sum up alt summit for you: it’s a huge design and lifestyle blogger conference held every year that’s attended by like 7000 females and about 7 dudes. they cram pack 3+ days with panels, parties, round tables, speakers and the like. its full of inspiration, answers, guidance, how-to’s, and late-night booze drinking in the bar, all rolled into one gigantic glittery package.

i met some amazingly cool people – like friends-for-life kinda people. and i saw some people i already knew – yeah! there were so many people i didn’t get the chance to meet in person, but hopefully one day. i met stefan sagmeister, one of the keynote speakers, who’s making me kick myself for not getting a photo of him kissing me. he kissed a lot of the ladies. play on, design playa.

look, it’s peeps i know in real life!

even more amazing are the relaxed times you have in the hallways of the hotel or the hotel’s overpriced restaurant, or best of all, the bar/lounge. good times were had by all, or at least me. and the guy who peed in the chair next to me.

it also makes you rethink life- what you’re doing and where you’re going. are you making the right decisions? where is your online life going? better yet, where is your real life going? etc.

it left me wanting to do something drastic. like needing to. who knows what that is, but we’ll see. any suggestions?

i sat in on the go mighty panel where we learned more about life lists. as you might remember, i posted my incomplete one recently. i still need to add the rest and even some new ones i came up with in the class. who knew that class would affect myself and the others like it did. we, or at least i, thought it was going to be some fluffy class where we talked goals. not so. most of us left in a trail of tears.

some random pics…

bing letters in the bing lounge

light wall in the bhg lounge

and on the last day, the fog lifted and we got this pretty view…

oh salt lake city, you so pretty…

thanks alt summit for the fun times!

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