life list: 2013

[update: i’ve created an updated list for 2015 that you can find here – some of the same, some new. i haven’t forgotten about this one though.]


ok, so i drank the kool-aid. but don’t worry, it’s good kool-aid.

i’ve been working on my life list (or bucket list as the older generation might call it) for quite sometime…like 5-6 years. i’ve seen them all up and down the internets but i think the original one is here.

and i’ve finally decided to share it, to air my hopes and dreams with the public in hopes of making them happen or maybe just to help hold myself accountable? who knows, but let’s give this thing a try, shall we?

deep breath cause it’s about to get real, people… ps. these are in no particular order.

1. go to italy went to milan october 2012

2. live in a loft

3. live in another country, like germany. hello, berlin.

4. have my own art studio

5. see the northern lights went to rovaniemi, finland december 2012 & saw them briefly

6. wear a swimsuit again and not give a shit what other people think

7. have/adopt/foster a child (i’ve been on the fence a long time about this one but i’m putting it out there in case i decide to try and make it happen)

8. design something to sell

9. figure out how to work my digital camera in manual settings without having to think about it too much

10. rescue a dog from a shelter

11. own my own residence

12. be debt free

13. try going gluten free

14. sing in a band or play an instrument

15. live near the ocean again or at least some form of water

16. visit the swiss alps

17. run a 5k without breaking a sweat

18. renovate a house/residence

19. take a vacation with no work and no real agenda

20. ride the london eye

21. visit the top of the eiffel tower

22. see a space shuttle launch (um, might be too late for that now)

23. visit NASA

24. stick my feet in the mediterranean

25. raise money for a dog shelter, like real money

26. learn to meditate, preferably TM (i’ve wanted to do this for like 10 years)  this was huge for me and truly life changing. i just recently learned in december 2014 at the david lynch foundation in los angeles. amazing.

27. take another painting class, just because

28. have an art show

29. grow an (edible) vegetable garden

30. own another vintage VW and restore it

31. visit sweden went to sweden in september 2012

32. sit on the beach and watch an entire pacific sunset again  sat in venice beach on friday, january 2nd, 2015 and watched another stunning sunset. it never gets old.

33. have sex every day for a year

34. own a photo booth

35. do pilates regularly

36. get a tebori tattoo in japan by a master

37. get my email inbox to zero and keep it that way

38. become a photoshop master – master all the shortcuts

39. find a pair of comfortable heels and wear them often  done but i want to go higher.

40. wear red lipstick everyday for a month even if i don’t see anyone  i wear it all the time again and it feels good.

41. partner up with an awesome man (know anyone?)

42. get comfortable in front of the camera

43. complete a 365 project

44. have 1 job that i can live comfortably on

45. perfect the smokey eye

46. own a hammock and use it

47. research and learn more about my dad’s family

48. take a train across europe & spend time in various cities

49. pet a reindeer see #5, in finland

50. have a completely lazy weekend of nothing but music, tv, and food – in bed

51. do at least 1 puzzle a month

52. make out with a stranger (again)

53. have drinks with howard stern

54. go to a tropical island and relax

55. perfect long exposure photography

56. volunteer on thanksgiving/christmas

57. find a mentor

58. visit iceland

59. visit the farnsworth house

60. dance like no one is watching, in public

61. wear only fancy underthings

62. have a wardrobe that i love wearing, that makes me feel good – get rid of the excess

63. do a split again

64. write something for jane pratt

65. have sex in every state

66. figure out a makeup repertoire that’s easy and looks good

67. learn to properly blowout my own hair

68. learn to hula hoop

69. fold 1000 origami cranes

70. take a self-portrait every day for a year (ps. i’d rather die – see #42)

71. leave a $100 bill as a tip – baller

72. own a real adult fancy mattress bought!

73. own a vintage xmas tree

74. visit ecuador & pose with feet on either side of the equator

75. hunt down a long lost friend or relative and reunite

76. go paragliding

77. go away for a holiday and not feel the familial pressures

78. visit all 50 states – 12 left to visit: alaska, hawaii, north dakota, south dakota, wisconsin, maine, new hampshire, minnesota, montana, michigan, vermont, & rhode island

79. ride a zip line

80. complete a tracy anderson 90 minute dance video without dying or missing steps

81. take a spontaneous trip that involves a plane

82. take a train ride across canada

83. learn italian and spanish

84. learn to dive in the pool – i was always terrified as a kid

85. have a swing indoors (no, not a sex swing, perv)

86. learn electrical – like how to install a light fixture or how to re-wire a lamp

87. spend a full day at the spa

88. learn to upholster furniture

89. take a long train ride in one of those bedroom/bathroom cabins

90. have a completely organized closet, like with a system in place that’s easy to keep up with

91. write completely openly on this blog – the good, the bad, & the ugly

92. live in california again – it will always feel like home

93. find a place to move to and have it feel like home – it’s been awhile

94. hang out with anderson cooper and meet his dog. he has a welsh springer spaniel that was just like mine.

95. have a tech-free weekend – no internet, phone, email

96. sing karaoke and not feel self-conscious

97. buy real artwork – paintings, photos, etc., not just prints or reproductions

98. get rid of clutter in my life and learn to keep it away. live minimally.

what’s on your life list?

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