happy new year, peoples!

some might say that i’ve ignored the blog…

well, i’d be one of them.

here it is now 2013 and i skipped a few months. but let’s pause, did you see the sunset on new year’s eve? it was spectacular…

have no fear, i’m still here (and i rhyme!). i’ve just been super busy out there in the world living my life and working and having fun (more on this later). but thank you everyone for checking in on me. i’m alive!

i guess in some ways i got a little burnt out racing around to find new content daily. i mean, there’s always content out there to share and i have a backlog of it to post, but in a way i was feeling pressure to put it up at certain times.

being that i’m already writing content daily over on design milk, sometimes i just don’t always wanna crank it out over here. understand? i hope so.

i didn’t so much recognize how i was feeling until i read erin loechner‘s (from design for mankind) post about slow blogging and i was like ‘A-HA!’. she gets it and put it into words beautifully.

so i’m still going to post but just not on a schedule.

i hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and i super hope everyone has a fantastic 2013. i personally think it’s going to be magical.

what are your hopes and dreams for twenty thirteen? spill it…


  1. Posted Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 2:06 pm | Permalink

    Beautiful sunset! I think I might be taking the opposite approach from a lot of people this year and actually aim to document my life more. I’ve been a big believer in living in the moment and for me stopping to take pictures can interrupt that experience, but now I think a little of that is worth it. Not for the internet right now, but for my future self / future kids. maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis. I want to have evidence that I was young once and that I did awesome things. I want my kids to think of me as a whole person with an identity and not just their mom. And also out of pure vanity, I want to look back and be like “hey I looked pretty good once.” Maybe this does fit with slow blogging? Either way, I’m excited for 2013! I guess my resolution is: Live for the moment, but save some mementos for future moments

  2. Posted Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 2:20 pm | Permalink

    thanks ellen! i think your idea is awesome and you should totally do it! i love the idea of documenting everything, for yourself, your future, or your blog.

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