new york part 6

sunday, may 20th

began the day back at the javitz and icff.

i loved this wallpaper by flavor paper. notice biggie smalls in the bottom corner? well it was designed by mike d from the beastie boys and revolver ny.

loved this giant lite brite looking thing from BRC Designs.

we seemed to run across the lady at every booth. posing with every item.

loved these giant ceramic pots from jonathan adler.


monday, may 21st

back at the javitz in the pouring rain.

jaime and i split up to try and conquer more. icff is a beast and splitting the duties made it easier.

met sami hayek, the designer. not salma. that’s his sister.

loved his chaise. i wanted to sit in it and not get up.


met back up with jaime at the kohler booth. they won best booth, hands down. it was a shipping container painted neon yellow. they recently partnered with jonathan adler on kitchen and bathroom sinks. they had bathtub sofas and iPhone charging stations so they made it hard to leave. but mostly it was the cool design and awesome kohler people that were manning the booth.

they were even coordinated with the booth!

the novogratz’ strolled by and said hello. love them!

then it was time for the cocktail party with jonathan adler!

i found this photo from the kohler website. you can spot me in red pants on my phone in the foreground!

if you know me, you know i love him. for reals.

he was even more awesome in person.

that’s my amazing friend capree (managing editor of dog milk and head of her own site) and the man himself taking a self-portrait. love it!


we then headed upstairs to the stationery show to see carina and her booth. she runs crow and canary and reps my favorite brands of cards.


then jaime, capree, and i headed out to an alessi event.

capree, jaime & i at aroma coffee shop in soho. taking a quick break before dinner at gobo.

the internet blogosphere was probably silent that night as all the top bloggers were at dinner.

rainy cab ride back to the yotel with capree.

carina joined us in my “cabin” and we chit-chatted and caught up. so much fun! wishing we all lived in the same city…

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  1. LaneBrain
    Posted Friday, June 1, 2012 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    Can someone please explain to me the fascination with the Novogratz’? I am a working designer in NYC, I guess they have a really great publicist? their design is very boring and juvenile/amateur. I scratch my head at everything I see of theirs. it’s amazing what tv wants you to think is good design.

    I am very open to hear why I am wrong. If someone can clarify for me I am interested.

    thank you-

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